My name is Sarah, and I am the designer and owner of a world called Vintage Earth, which I operate out of my studio in Southern Maine. I have been designing and selling jewelry for several years, and started Vintage Earth in 2002. 

I have always been inspired by nature. Colorful Autumn trees and lush spring meadows, the sand and sea mist of coastal New England. I also love old things, from our childhood home with its weathered gray shingles and backyard relics to the vintage trinkets passed down through generations. All these things inspire me. 

Rocks, glass and metal are just a few of my obsessions. I love to mix color and texture, to blend earthy with elegant. I draw much of my inspiration from nature, and I have a particular fondness for old world and Bohemian elements, and often work them into my designs. I love to combine eras and elements, to really mix it up! My work has been featured on many websites, including Bella Online and Style Bakery. I also am a state juried member of the Maine Made program.

​My designs range from the simple strand to pieces with vintage or exotic accents. Vintage Earth is modern jewelry with a rich, ancient feel--perfect for everyday wear.